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William Carey Creative Scholars Department

The Center for Creative Scholars recognizes a philosophical debt to Dr. E. Paul Torrance, University of Georgia professor emeritus of educational psychology, who dedicated his life to the study of the creative personality. Dr. Torrance coined the term “Creative Scholars” for young people vested in cutting edge study within a mentoring environment. In 1991, his former doctoral student Dr. Read Diket broadened Dr. Torrance’s concept to the university setting at William Carey College, now William Carey University.

The Center serves a variety of purposes and students at all levels of learning. Creativity Workshops, one-day in winter and three-days in summer, afford graduate students in gifted education rich opportunities to work with top young people identified into the programs. High achieving college students work on individually authored honors projects and special projects in statistics. Each year excellent projects are published as “Field Notes.” Graduate students create service learning multi media presentations, and they co-author “white papers” for stakeholders in the field. The Center director and board envision a continuum of learning, with ample opportunities for sharing across educational levels.

 The Center For Creative Scholars

For registration, fill out forms and mail to:
Dr. Read Diket
Director of Creative Scholars
Box 11
498 Tuscan Ave
Hattiesburg, Ms 39402

or call Dr. Read Diket at (601) 580-9118 or email her at to have forms mailed to you.

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