Rebirth Of The Future: Renaissance


The Movie Makers

Facilitators: Donshae Harris, Tosha Gilmore, and Beth Roberts


This module was designed to help students gain insight into the movie making industry. Components included: origin of movies, genres, and behind the scenes technology. Students had the opportunity to practice these concepts to create, edit, and publish a movie. They expanded their knowledge and understanding of how movies were viewed as art forms, how movies have impacted our media, and how movies affect our opinion of other cultures.


Guiding Questions

How are movies viewed as art forms?

How have movies impacted our media?

How did the movie-making process originate?

How do movies affect your opinion of other cultures?



Movie Maker Match

Matched movie terminology with the movie


Created a timeline mapping the origins of movie making


Students used their imaginations to generate a story.

Digital pictures

Students explored their surroundings to connect with their story.


Students viewed examples of storyboards and discovered how they can be helpful to a filmmaker.

Movie Making Process

Students used their stories to construct a timeline and storyboard using Windows Movie Maker to build a 10-15 clip movie based on the rubric provided.