Rebirth Of The Future: Renaissance


Rhythm and Poetry

Facilitators: Eva Van Houten, LaShala Adams, and Marla Brewton


Welcome to the upbeat world of poetry and rhythm! In this module students took a step backwards and began appreciating music and poetry from a different perspective. Students explored jazz, rap and hip hop music and discovered the common threads that run through poetry and music. Participants also explored the themes and subject matter of the poetry and music and how they reflect the lifestyles of the period. They examined various types of music, selected poems, and discussed the similarities and differences in the themes and how they reflect everyday lifestyles. Students researched music to obtain a more in depth knowledge of its history, pioneers in the field, and examples of artists.


Guiding Questions

Does music/poetry influence society or does society influence music/poetry?

How has poetry developed overtime?

Is music a language within itself?



Poetry Slam

Students composed a poetry piece and performed it for their parents and peers.

History of Music and Poetry Timeline

Meet a Musician


Students researched one of the genres of music and compiled their findings in a PPT:

definition of music, description of music by individual in that field, history of music (including era it became popular, pioneers in the field, etc.), at least one picture or image to include in the presentation, titles of genres popular songs, example of at least one piece of music, giving the message and how it reflects the culture of the time.



Students viewed the PBS jazz documentary, Episode Two (“The Gift”) and Three (“Our Language”)


The Composer

Students took poems from the era and changed these poems to reflect the lifestyle and period of today’s society.


The Rhythm

Students used these poems and created a rhythm for them based on the message that they were trying to portray.



Students created a “My Graffiti t-shirt.


Poet Show and Tell

Teacher provided students with a brief history of a three poets.